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Mei Yijin
    Mei Yijin, male, of the Han nationality, was born in September 1973 in Jinyun Zhejiang. He graduated with a bachelor degree, started his career in August 1995 and joined the CPC in Decemebr 1994. He is now Vice Mayor of Yinzhou District Government.   The posts he took: Deputy secretary, Director of the general office and secretary of Xiaying Sub-district Working Committee of the CPC, Secretary of the Party Committee in Jiangshan County and Secretary (vice-district-mayor-level) of the Party Working Committee in Yinzhou District Industrial Park Management Committee.
    Responsible for work related to Environmental protection, business administration, food and drug supervision, quality and technical supervision, opening up and economic cooperation, business, investment, overseas Taiwanese, foreign affairs, finance among other affairs.   Help with work under the management of EPA, Market Supervision Authority (Commerce and Industry Bureau, the Quality Supervision Bureau, the Food and Drug Administration), Business Council, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Taiwan Affairs Office, Finance Office, Foreign Affairs Office, Investment Cooperation Bureau and NSBD.   Contact Overseas Chinese Union, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Yinzhou Customs offices, Yinzhou finance and insurance agencies.
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