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Wang Zhaobo
    Wang Zhaobo, male, of Han nationality, was born in March 1973 in Ningbo Zhejiang. His educational background: bachelor degree. He started to work in January 1991. He joined the Communist Party of China in May 1993. At present he is Member of Yinzhou Standing Party Committee and Vice Executive of Yinzhou District Government.   The posts he took include: Party Member of Zhenhai District Government, Vice Mayor of Zhenhai District Government, Director of the Administrative Committee of Jiulong Lake Resort, Member of the Standing Committee of Zhenhai District Party Committee, Vice Director of the Administrative Committee of Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone, Member of the   Party Working Committee of Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone, Vice Director of Ningbo Municipal Development & Reform Commission and Member of the Party Committee of Ningbo Municipal Development & Reform Commission.
    Responsible for routine affairs of the government, focusing on, among others, development, reform, taxation, public security, judiciary, human resources, social security, key projects, rule of law, decision-making, advice, administrative review, emergency response, electronic government affairs, openness and transparency of government work, five water treatment, state-owned assets and taxation. He assists work in finance, auditing, monitoring and compilation of state assets.   Help with work of District Government Office (Office of Legislative Affairs), Development and Reform Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Judicial Bureau, Finance Bureau (SASAC), Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Auditing Bureau, Statistics Office, investigation teams, arms of Public Security Bureau, Review and Management Office, Advice Commission, E-government Affairs Office, Emergency Response Office, Key Affairs Office and Five Water Treatment Office.   Contact NPC, CPPCC, courts, Procuratorates, State Administration of Taxation, Local Tax Bureau, First Audit Bureau, State Bureau for Letters and Calls, Policy Research Department and Municipal Bureau of Land and Resources.
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