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Yinzhou Selected as First Provincial Art Education Experimental District of Ningbo

2018-02-08 09:24:22

  Zhejiang Provincial Education Department released the list of the first 12 provincial art education experimental districts and 47 experimental schools a few days ago. Xianxiangzhen Primary School is the only selected one in Yinzhou District which is the only chosen district in Ningbo. It is the second time for Yinzhou District to undertake the task of education reform after the establishment of Zhejiang pilot zone of teenage soccer, highlighting the status of quality education of Yinzhou.

  Targeted at promoting the quality education and focused on developing the art education of primary and middle school, Yinzhou District has unveiled the three-year action plan for developing art education of primary and middle school, improving students’ artistic accomplishments.

  In terms of the teaching staff, Yinzhou District endeavors to expand the group of professional art teachers and introduce the part-time teachers covering volunteers with art talents, folk artists and professional actors.

  Meanwhile, Yinzhou District expands the channels of art education with innovation. Primary and middle schools of Yinzhou boasts over 800 art clubs. A group of them are influential and  favored by students, including the ceramics club, the Warblers and the Chinese calligraphy club. The Implementation of School Special Projects has been issued and every special project has got a backing fund of RMB 200,000. A group of art projects are included, covering the Calligraphy Museum of Hehuazhuang Primary School, the Seal Cutting Club of No.7 Middle School and the Ceramic Art Museum of Xingzhi Experimental Primary School.

  Moreover, to build the art show platform for students in primary and middle schools , Education Bureau of Yinzhou District has held the selection of SHOW for the students’ art clubs, including choral competition, dancing competition and photography competition.

  At present, Yinzhou District has been selected as one of the “national advanced units of calligraphy education” for several times, boasting many experimental schools of art education.

  Next, Zhejiang Provincial Education Bureau will sign the experimental working memorandum of school art education with Yinzhou District, providing guidance, periodic checking and achievements inspection for the experimental work of art education.