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Yinzhou Promotional Video "Fresh Yinzhou" to be Released Today

2018-02-13 09:18:41

  Yinzhou District promotional video "Fresh Yinzhou", filmed by a professional team for nearly a year, is going to be released on the Yinzhou WeChat Subscription and Yinzhou News Clients today. Then it will be broadcast on such authoritative websites as People.cn and Tencent, video websites as Iqiyi and Youku. Outdoor electronic screens of Yinzhou broadcasting station together is to play the video too.

  “Fresh Yinzhou” will show its new image as a visual business card, displaying its long history, rich culture, profound industry base, favorable investment environment and unique charm. Said Ying Linhui, Vice director of district Party Committee Propaganda Department and director of office of cyberspace affairs.

  “Before shooting, our team first went to Yinzhou District to understand its folks, traditions, geographical and cultural characteristics.” The video is undertaken by Nanjing Pangu Film. Director, Wang Ke said after pondering over, they decided to use “fresh” to capture the feature of new Yinzhou District, which is also correspondent with the Yinzhou spirit of striving for the best.

  Wang Ke told correspondent that during the film-making, they found much vitality in people’s daily life. As a result, a series of details constitute the video including fishing boats bathing in the sunset in the East Lake, playful children in the mall, runners in the Yinzhou Park and seafood in the street stalls.

  "Let the new Yinzhou image enter the eyes of outsiders, and penetrate into the heart of the locals." This is the expectation of the production team.

  Ying Linhui said he hoped that more people would know about Yinzhou and come visit Yinzhou. At the same time, he wishes the promotional film can inspire the pride and love of the Yinzhou residents.