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Yinzhou District Government: an Honest Government by the Rule of Law, a Clean Government with Efficiency

2018-01-29 16:38:02

  On the morning of Dec. 26th, Yinzhou district government convened a meeting of the Party group to carry out the spirit of second Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the spirit of second Plenary Session of the Party's Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. Chen Guojun, secretary of the Party committee of Yinzhou district government and the governor of the district government, presided over the meeting. It is stressed that the spirits of the two meetings should be learned conscientiously so as to create a government which is honest and clean, pragmatic and law-based and satisfies people with its achievements.

  General secretary Xi Jinping delivered a speech on the second Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, emphasizing the importance of running a country in accordance with the law and the constitution. For the district government, the following three aspects are of vital importance. First, the constitution should be respected and maintained. The departments at all levels should have a deep understanding of the great significance of the revision of the Constitution in the new era. We must always adhere to the guidelines of constitution as fundamental principles, uphold the authority of the constitution, guarantee the implementation of the constitution, carry forward the spirit of the constitution, and guide the whole society to continuously enhance the consciousness of implementing the Constitution and laws. The second is to govern by law. All the work should be in accordance with the constitution and under the supervision of the NPC, the CPPCC and the whole civil society. A scientific and democratic decision-making mechanism for decisions, policies and contracts should be further improved. Government leading cadres should study law while governments should have legal counsels, make government affairs public and implement legal-reviewing systems. The third is to guide people to abide by the law. More efforts should be taken to crack down on illegal acts in the fields of city management, ecological environment, food and drug safety and production safety. Party members should set good examples and lead the masses to create a favorable legal environment where people employ laws to solve problems and conflicts.

  General secretary Xi Jinping stressed on the second Plenary Session of the Party's Central Commission for Discipline Inspection that only with perseverance can we run the Party strictly and create a new situation. The party members of the district government must be loyal to work. Combining with the theme educational activity of "adhering to the original aspiration", district party members should strengthen the "Four Consciousness" and “Four Confidences”, strictly implement overall responsibility of running the party by law, be consistent with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core in the political stand, orientation, principle and path and implement policies and arrangements of higher authorities. We should adhere to the institutional anti-corruption. Systems of such key areas as land transferring, project constructing, bidding and government procurement should be effectively improved. At the end of the year, party members should take the lead in the strict implementation of self-discipline and the detailed rules for the implementation of the eight rules of the CPC Central Committee. Meanwhile, supervision and inspection of departments at all levels on recreational activities using public funds, drunk driving and illegal gifts should be strengthened in order to create an honest and clean government.

  The meeting emphasized that the government must seek truth from facts and have a clear understanding of the situation of the grass-roots so as to make policies more scientific. The implementation should be enhanced through refined decomposition. Currently, the “Six Special Actions” Plan needs improvement with specific departments, objectives, carriers, starting points and measures to ensure a foundation for 2018’s work performance.