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Charity Package for Poverty Groups Worth of over 13 Million Yuan

2018-01-26 11:40:02

  On the morning of January 26th, “Welcome New Year and Share Warmth”, the heart-warming activity of Yinzhou Charity Federation, was opened on Qiuai town. Donations and charity goods were distributed to poverty groups. “Thanks to the caring people from all walks of life to send the joy of the Spring Festival.”, said Qiu Guangying, who came from one low-income family of Fangzhuang community. The donations and charity goods valuing more than 13 million yuan this time.

  In recent years, the charity cause in Yinzhou has been continuously developed with its popular concept and increasingly prominent role in the social security system. Last year, the total income of charity in Yinzhou reached 82.67 million yuan, an increase of 9.8%, and the annual relief spending reached 58.22 million yuan.

  On the opening ceremony, deputy district head Zhu Xiaoli said, “Support the most effective help to the people in greatest need so that the fruits of social development can be shared by all the people. We must actively expand the channels for charity fund-raising and the strength of local charities, at the same time, we should pay attention to relief work so as to provide more welfare for poor families.”

  For a long time, the Yinzhou Charity Federation has seen the Spring Festival as an important time point of love devotion and given priority to heart-warming charities. This Spring Festival, the Yinzhou Charity Federation absorbed the concept of sharing, arranging 12.91 million-yuan donations and goods valuing 500 thousand yuan, which will benefit more than 10 thousand poor families. And the delivering ways are various, such as the on-site sending of opening ceremony, home consolation, taking from charity supermarket, delivering by working supermarket, sharing activity in nursing houses, multi-service of charity volunteers and so on.

  The first donations and goods were distributed on the opening ceremony. The relevant responsible persons of Yinzhou Charity Federation, Ningbo Branch of China Development Bank and the government of Qiuai Town distributed charity goods and money to the poor families. Lu Mingjuan, the Party Secretary of Qiuai town and deputy commander of Eastern Metro, said that it was a warm ceremony containing the love from caring people from all walks of life, which aimed to bring joys for these families.

  After the opening ceremony, some families received donations and charity goods on the site. At the same time, “Ningbo Love” service center, the charity group of Yinzhou, organized more than 120 volunteers to carry out a serious of activities, including charity sale, charity clinic, writing Spring Festival couplets, barbering, repairing home appliances and clothes, etc.