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Yinzhou promotes charity work in 5 aspects

2018-01-18 10:42:36

  It is learnt from the recent Yinzhou charity council that Yinzhou will work hard to promote charity this year in five aspects including quality, digitalization, culture, etc., to better benefit the families in need.
  Last Year, Yinzhou collected 82.675 million yuan of charity fund in total. The 17th Yinzhou One-day Donate raised 50.79 million yuan in particular. Yinzhou helped 26,000 households and 25 institutes with a total amount of 58.223 million yuan. The charity work focuses on the 7 major prpjects. The 11 charity bases in Yinzhou are assessed and given grades. The charity bases helped the impoverished farmers to boost the crop output through technological exchanges and sharing sources. They issued 2.91 million yuan to 334 impoverished households, allocated 1.75 million yuan as scholarship for 503 poverty-stricken students and 500,000 yuan to the elderly. They also offered free lunch to 516 migrant primary and middle school students for the whole year.
  This year, Yinzhou Charity Federation will promote charity in five aspects in adherance to the building of a famous and strong district. Great efforts will be channeled to strengthen the charity funds, encourage people’s participation and explore charity trust. They will promote precision poverty relief, explore the “Internet charity” to set up a new charity network, advance the charity culture promotion activities like holding the 6th advanced charity individual and collective awarding ceremony and promote the skills and overall strength of charity workers and teams to build a characteristic volunteering brand.