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Yinzhou organizes recruitment meetings nation-wide

2017-04-09 16:09:32

  Since March, Yinzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has organized recruitment meetings in Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Wuhai and Anhui etc., attracting over 2,000 applicants.
  The recruitment meetings attracted 52 enterprises ranging from education service to restaurant,  including New Oriental Education & Technology Group (Ningbo) and Ningbo Shenglong Group.
  The recruitment meetings were promoted trough posters, flyers and online advertising, which helped disseminate the job requirements and background information concerned. Applicants were especially attracted by the favorable talent strategy and a series of supporting policies like housing subsidies in Yinzhou.
  “Yinzhou has a competitive economy with advantageous industries like machinery, garment and automobile spare parts; high-tech industry has become a new growth point and we need more high-caliber talents,” says a recruitment consultant, whose company attracted 50 applicants in the recruitment meeting in Hong Kong; the company has made preliminary decisions to employ 27 of them.
  It is learnt that nation-wide recruitment meetings is a significant step Yinzhou has made after the adjustment of administrative division. Yinzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will continue to innovate recruitment activities to attract more talents.