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Red card for unsanitary villages in Hengxi

2017-04-11 16:13:47

  On April 10, our reporter has found a warning notice template in the lobby of Hengxi Town Government. Unsanitary villages will receive red cards publicly for failing to reach the sanitation standard.
  The reporter saw 17 villages or communities on the board ranged according to the scores of their comprehensive environmental management; 3 were given red card and others yellow.
  Hengxi also make public the pictures of the unfavorable conditions of the villages concerned and their village carders, which will push the village leaders to address the problem. “Also, whoever passes by will notice the template; that will also press on the village carders to make things right,” says Wang Yuchun, Deputy Secretary of the party committee of Hengxi Gvernment.
  Since the beginning of the year, Hengxi has carried out the comprehensive environmental management project, order and discipline project and demonstration village of beautiful village construction project etc. The appraisal system of the environmental management and the warning notice template were implemented since March to ensure the effectiveness of the activities.
  In the last month’s examination, there are mainly 4 kinds of problems: the main roads are generally clean while many corners remain unchecked, like litter scattered ground the dirty trash bin; irresponsible advertisements, paintings and carvings on buildings and telegraph poles; random stacking beside the main roads and dirty rivers with undesirable floating material.
  “On the one hand, we will make efforts to supervise and urge villages concerned to solve the problems and on the other, we will continue to explore a long-term management mechanism for environmental management to address the environmental problems once and for all, and to build the demonstration village of Ningbo beautiful village,” says Wang Yuchun.