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Meeting on Investment Attraction and Promotion of the Return of Zhejiang Industries Convened by Yinzhou

2017-03-25 10:43:00

  On the afternoon of March 24,Meeting on Investment Attraction and Promotion of the Return of Zhejiang Industries was held by CPC Yinzhou Committee and Yinzhou government. During the meeting, Hu Jun, member of the standing committee of CPC Ningbo Committee and secretary of CPC Yinzhou Committee, stressed that as investment promotion is the lifeblood of Yinzhou’s economy, Yinzhou should intensify efforts to bring in quality projects that can benefit Yinzhou in the long run.

  Leaders of Yinzhou District including Yang Huifang, Zhu Fachuan, Wang Zhaobo, Zhang Xiangjin, Chen Hong, Cai Lifeng, Xu Weicheng, Ge Lianjun, Chen Weiquan, Fang Feilong and Wo Yongte were present at the meeting, which was chaired by Zhu Fachuan, deputy secretary of CPC Yinzhou Committee.

  The past year has witnessed great progresses in investment promotion of Yinzhou despite numerous challenges, which has created new momentums in the economic development of Yinzhou.

  Secretary Hu said the core of building a new Yinzhou was to develop its economy and the first step was to attract investments, which entailed us to work harder to tackle problems and challenges in investment promotion. Faced with the fierce competition in attracting businesses, Yinzhou should improve its business environment to become one of the favorite destinations of investment by working on the weak points in investment promotion. Only in this way could Yinzhou make achievements in bringing in quality projects.

  Secretary Hu also emphasized that Yinzhou should be target-oriented in investment promotion, putting priority on key sectors including smart economy and service economy. we need to step up efforts to introduce leading projects that can deliver real benefits to the people and help to increase government revenue, making the best use of provincial industrial parks, industrial clusters, regional complex, etc. Besides, we need to enforce the responsibility systems and promote the efficiency in the use of resources by setting up databases of projects, resources and industries, which can be shared by different departments. In addition, we need to broaden the channels for attracting businesses based on a promotion modal in which platforms and fruits of investment promotion are available to all relevant departments.

  At the end of the meeting, Hu also highlighted the importance of being result-oriented. When we are working to bring in new industries, we need to provide service for enterprises that have already started their businesses in Yinzhou. Meanwhile, the process of investment promotion need to be put under strict inspection with a fair system of rewards and punishments in place. Hu demanded all officials of Yinzhou government work together for a good start of promotions.

  Mei Yijin, deputy director of Yinzhou District, announced plans for investment attraction this year. During the meeting, representatives of Yinzhou Investment Bureau, Qiu’ai County, Fuming Neighborhood and Yinzhou Economic Development Zone delivered speeches. And Jiangshan County, Dongjiao Neighborhood, Yinzhou Finance Office, South Commercial Zone, Yinzhou Bureau of Commerce signed responsibility agreements on investment promotion in 2017.

  The attendees of the meeting were officials from relevant departments of Yinzhou government including Yinzhou Discipline Inspection Commission, publicity department, United Front Work Department, CPC committees of counties and neighborhoods, etc.