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Incubated enterprises recruit talents

2017-03-19 16:59:49

  On the morning of March 18, a job affair took place at Yinzhou Sci-tech Incubation Park. About 70 enterprises in the park joined the affair looking for 350 future emloyees. About 1,500 applicants came. It is learnt that those incubated enterprises prefer the fresh graduates.
  Compared with large enterprises,  technology-focused micro and small enterprises are relatively short of capital and have difficulty in recruiting and securing talents due to the career prospects, pensions and working environment etc.
  Yang Zhuoyan, responsible man of the job fair, says that some incubated enterprises put more emphasis on the applicants' traits and believe in fresh graduates especially for their originality and bravery.
  Zhao Suhua, HR manager from an information technology company, says their company is looking for specialized employees in IT sphere who are usually difficult to find so they need to train personnel by themselves, which naturally leads to the preference of fresh graduates.
  Mr. Huang, director of administration of Ningbo Xueba Science & Education Co., Ltd has a similar perspective. He says, “Those fresh graduates will start with a salary of 2,000-3,000 yuan and be given tree times of training; after one year, if they are industrious enough, the salary will reach 5,000-6,000 yuan. The better they perform, the higher the salary.”
  Wang kai from Ninghai majoring in IT graduated last year and his present job doesn’t match his specialty. This time he wanted to find one that really suits him. He sent out 5 resumes in one hour.
  Some soon-to-be-graduates also came to the job affair to learn about the their career prospects and consult about the internships.